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Master’s Degree Option

The biology department has a formal program leading to a master’s degree in the areas of Ecology and Evolution and Marine Biology. The degree is offered in both “course-only” and “thesis” programs. Students admitted to the Master’s program in marine biology are expected to pursue the “thesis” option.

The Ecology and Evolution program leading to the master’s degree is intended for prospective teachers and those interested in careers as research assistants. The master’s degree in biology may be earned in a program that requires organized reading and submission of a critical essay or by arrangement with a faculty adviser for research and a thesis.

Qualification for Admission to Program:

  1. Graduate eligibility (see General Catalog Graduate School section).
  2. Graduate Record Examination scores for aptitude portion of test (advanced test in Biology, Chemistry, or Biochemistry is recommended but not required).
  3. Adequate GPA (this is determined by the Graduate Admissions Committee on an individual basis).


Requirements to Receive Degree:

Departmental requirements are the same as those set forth by the Graduate School (*see General Catalog). Briefly: 45 hours of graduate credit for a M.S. with thesis or 60 hours of graduate credit for Master’s Degree Without Thesis. In either program, at least 30 hours must be in graduate-level Biology courses; 24 hours of the 45 or 60 hours must be graded, with a GPA of 3.0 or better; 9 hours must be in 600-level courses. Up to 15 hours of graduate credit (3.0 or better) earned at another institution may be transferred and counted toward a University of Oregon Master’s Degree, but those hours may not be used to meet the graded hours requirement, nor can they have been used to fulfill any part of the baccalaureate degree. Please view the University-wide Class Schedule, the online UO class schedule for our current course offerings.

Master’s Degree Manual

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